Celebrating ~ Using Social Media at Work

A handful of colleagues and I are attempting to leverage social media at work.  It's an exciting prospect and, as usual, there is initial interest. 

In this introduction stage of utilization, we are focusing on articulating the purpose of the medium.  We already have land line phones, mobile phones, text pagers, and company email.  But social media offers a different method of communication that may be refreshing on many levels.  

I'm using what I've learned on Twitter to moderate a private group that has the potential to become relatively large.  And those of us who are the administrators of the group are modeling how we would like to see it used.    

We really want to and must optimize technology in every way possible so that we may stay competitive, retain our current market, and increase our market share.  Communication, innovation, and technology are key to our success.  We are fortunate to have all three!

Celebrating ~ Using Social Media at Work  


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