The A-List ~ March 2009

The A-List ~ March 2009 I've wanted to include in my posts some sort of list.  I actually think in lists, so they're quick to create.  Plus sometimes a list of thoughts is more fun than reading a narrative.  I was hoping to come up with a clever name for my lists.  I considered making a wish list with the notion of creating one for each month. 

But I realized that each wish suggests something I or others do not have thus making it only a wish.  Rather than placing focus on what more there should or could be, I'm choosing to focus on thoughts circling in my mind that are attempting to land somewhere.

As for the name, since my name begins with the letter "A," I like the idea of calling it the A-List.  Random thoughts, not necessarily connected to one another.  Here's my first try.   

  1. I have so enjoyed the miniature daffodils I bought for my dining room table.

  2. I'm going to be deciding soon when throughout the year to take several weeks of vacation accumulated in the past 12 months. 

  3. When the timing is just right, it's great to be able to fill my car with gasoline for under $25.

  4. It's fun and intriguing to watch the traffic increase at my other blogs, Seasons for All at Home and The Tea Room.

  5. My sister continues to amaze me with her determination and resilience.

  6. My older son will turn 27 years old in 10 days. 

  7. I love Spring and all its colors!

  8. Surprisingly, I often prefer to listen to birds chirping outside my window over any my favorite music on my iPod.

  9. It's great to always be connected by way of my Blackberry.

  10. The silver lining to a poor economy is that there is always parking available at work.

The A-List ~ March 2009

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