Bungalow Gingham Pocket Rocket Totes

Bungalow Gingham Pocket Rocket TotesBungalow bags not only offer unique, beach house inspired, colors and patterns they also offer unparalleled quality. Whether you're off to the beach, about town, the mall, the grocery store, a vacation or even college, you won't go wrong, packing it up in a stylish and quality built bag from Bungalow. The Pocket Rocket Turquoise Gingham with Lime is an all-new multi-pocketed tote bag offering easy transport for your bottle of water, favorite pair of flip flops, towel, sun block, and snacks. Fastened with zipper on top for added security, it also comes with grommets to reinforce weight. Stylish black web handle completes the look. Free shipping. $36.50. Buy here.

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