Caturday On The Couch

Joined the Tivo research panel. I must have seen this on their website and signed up to be approved. Just got the email and filled out info and was immediately let in. They link to your Tivo account -- poor people..... I'm not your average tv viewer. From reading thru the site, probably will be a lot of drawings, but some surveys are supposed to give you individual prizes such as a $5 gift card. I would be hip for that.

JC Penney instant $5 reward for signup - link bottom left
Shipping is $5.95 (0-$25) so you could get something $5 or below for that. Go to outlet on the top blue bar and then along the left sidebar down to $9.99 or less and click the block that says show all or whatever category you are interested in and then from that list you can sort by price.
Sign up for Build-A-Bear email newsletter. Possible email with coupon for $12.00 off a bear at some point.
Desktop cell phone holder - I signed up and it said my submission was successful, but another screen popped up and WOT (Web of Trust) that I have as an add-on to my Firefox browser states it is viewed as a dangerous website. I doubt this one comes, but will let you know if it does.
free wildflower seeds - I also requested a catalog on this one.
TMF - All-Bran Choice of Strawberry Medley Cereal/Fiber Bars/Fiber Drink Mixes or Rolled Fiber Bars. Mail-in rebate up to $4.99 Expires 4/30/09. Limited to one product.
Sephora nail polish - pick 2 colors (TeenFreeway)
Dryer Vent Check Tool Kit
TMF - SureMax - For this one you need to find a SureMax with the Try Me Free label. Up to $6.99 rebate. Expires 3/31/09. Limit one rebate per household.
TMF - Sure with Natural Extracts. Again you need to find the product with the TMF sticker on it. Up to $2.99 rebate.
TMF - Progresso Taste Challenge - get your money back. Must be postmarked after 10/10/2008 (? guess this one must have been out for awhile) - Offer expires 3/31/09.
Family Fun mag sub - RewardsGold - afterward you have a chance to get Woman's Day and Elle Decor also.
Marlboro carabiner keyring - I'm already on the mailing list but did need to signup. After I went to Promos at the top and entered the code MAR6222 to get the keyring. Really easy. Marlboro always has top freebies. I have received lots of different things from them in the past including 2 sleeping bags. This one is worth signing up.
Splenda Mocha flavor
Girl's Guide to Grilling brochure

5000 pogo tokens - also don't forget to get your last 500 free tokens for playing Poppit and Trivial Pursuit (500 for each) Today is the last day on this one.
I'm up to 8 swagbucks now - Got one today by doing a search. If you haven't signed up yet - go to the right side and click on the banner.

It's so nice today sitting on the couch with one of the girlz (the striped kitteh) enjoying Caturday. Hope your Caturday is going great too!


Caturday On The Couch

Caturday On The Couch
Caturday On The Couch

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