DRINK - Quench your Thirst with Aquapax Water

DRINK - Quench your Thirst with Aquapax Water
Just Drinking Water have produced a new water product, Aquapax. This is a really pure mineral water but the difference is that this one is packaged inside a beautiful 500ml carton that's mostly made of wood, a natural and renewable resource.

Aquapax natural still mineral water has a near perfect pH balance, it is low in minerals (that's a good thing) and ultra low in nitrates, making it even suitable for infants. Aquapax is all about making a positive change to the way we consume portable water. A responsible package and a carbon balanced footprint makes ecological sense. You can also re-use and recycle your empty carton after you've finished drinking from it.

Fewer plastic bottles in the environment can only be a good thing. Visit the Aquapax website for more info.

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