Health Tip: Moringa, Now Tapped as Super Vegetable

It is in the news today, Moringa or “Malunggay” in the vernacular was tapped by Malacanang to be a super vegetable. Thus, its potential to actually move the country against poverty and climate change. The vegetable farmers was asked by the government to help alleviate poverty and do a great deal in saving the environment because apparently Moringa can reduce the incidence of floods and lessen hunger and nutrition. 
Health Tip: Moringa, Now Tapped as Super Vegetable
This tip is something really new to me. After having known of the goodness and benefits of Moringa from the time that I was struggling with breastfeeding some four years ago, I never knew it actually can be tagged as a super vegetable. I shouldn’t be at all surprised though. 

The poor community can actually plant Moringa trees and never have to be malnourished at all. This vegetable is enough to nourish our bodies. I am going to have to research more on the benefits of this super vegetable.

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