Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips
Keep in mind that to lose weight successfully one should be eating fewer calories and using more energy.

There are a lot of fad diets and they usually work at first but eventually since the eating and exercising habits remain unchanged all the weight lost would be gained back. Focusing on making real changes on eating and exercising habits will really be the trick in losing weight and keeping it from coming back.

I've been through a lot of fad diets, even tried some diet pills but I just couldn't maintain my weight. For a few months now though, I've started to change my eating as well as exercise habits. The weight loss is not fast or drastic but its steady and I'm liking the way I feel now.

Some helpful tips I could share for those trying to lose weight like myself:

1. Have plenty of water. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water per day as your body needs it. Drinking water can also help you from binging since it will make you feel full. It will also keep you hydrated most especially if you are doing a lot of exercise and sweating it out.

2. Take time with your meals. If you are always in a hurry, your tendency is to gobble up whatever you can reach and run. Take note that it takes the brain about 20 minutes to feel full from the time you start eating. If you eat so fast, this would make you feel still hungry even if you already ate a lot. I used to do this! Eat and run and I ended up eating a lot of food with high calories. So take your time and enjoy your food.

3. Starving is not the good way. Why? There was a time I was desperate to lose weight, I just ate crackers and cereal drink for breakfast and lunch and I did not have dinner, I lost some weight but I ended up feeling so lethargic, not much energy to do anything and I felt sick. If you don't eat enough your metabolism will slow down and will be on the defensive mode. You will burn off fewer calories than when you eat sufficient amount of food.

4. Have regular exercise. Exercise is great not just for losing weight but in keeping us healthy. If you have regular exercise, you are in better shape and so is your metabolism so the body will burn off more calories. Start out at slow-moderate pace like 20-30 minutes at least four times a week. Walking, dancing, aerobic exercises, bicycling, swimming or exercise classes are good start. Choose an exercise activity that you find enjoyable so you can stick with it. I'm doing hip hop dancing 30 minutes, five time a week and bicycling at least twice a week. I actually feel weird whenever I miss out on the exercise. Once it becomes a habit, the benefits to your body and how you feel will be enourmous.

I hope I could hit my target weight loss by end of this year. I'm not in hurry, I just want to do it right and the healthy way. Good luck to all!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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