Kwik Sew 3419 - A broken promise

Kwik Sew 3419 - A broken promise
It sure looked promising.
  • Kwik-Sew pattern- check. Always a good choice for basic t-shirts.
  • Royal blue knit - check. Always makes me happy to see this color back in vogue. Plus it coordinates with the summer skirt I recently sewed (Simplicity 2655).
  • V-neckline - check. Always a good look on me.
  • Close-fitting design - check. Always like to have a close-fitting tee for tucking into summer skirts.
  • Fullness at bust - check. Always like the ability to easily do an FBA
So what's the problem?
  • The finished t-shirt is too large.
  • The shape is more boxy than close-fitting and for this style to be flattering it needs to be close-fitting.
  • The neckline is too high. Too much fabric from the empire waist to the bottom of the neck vee gives an optical illusion of a larger bustline.
So what went wrong?
  • Cut and sewed a size M without measuring the flat pattern.
  • Made an assumption I would need additional length added to the upper bodice. Added 1" to the bottom of the upper bodice so the seam would fall under the bustline - without doing any measurements.
  • Brought the neckline up by 1-1/2" assuming that it would be too low. However, I also forgot to take into consideration that I was going to add a binding, instead of facings. The end result was a neckline higher than I wanted.
  • Didn't stop to pin fit the top as I sewed. I completed the entire t-shirt - including hems and neck binding - before trying the top on.
So what's the solution?
  • The short answer is to restitch the underbust seam to remove 1/2" to 1" of the additional length originally added to the upper bodice.
  • Sew deeper side seams to remove the bagginess and create a closer fit.
  • If that doesn't solve the fit issue, I may need to remove the sleeves and move the shoulder line in as the shoulders are just slightly too wide.
  • I may need to remove the binding and move the neckline lower.
  • For a $10 t-shirt do I really want to invest this much time into the fix?
Did you write a pattern review?
  • Yes. You can read the entire pattern review here (on PatternReview), including instructions for sewing a neckline binding versus facings.
Kwik Sew 3419 - A broken promise

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