Stumblin' / Bookmarks / Surveys / Etc.

Here are a few links I went to today going through my bookmarks and stumblin' around:

Toys R Us - Geoffrey's Birthday Club
Pinecone Signup link
Institute for Online Consumer Studies - cash or prizes
Nature Made vitamins Wellness Rewards - earn coupons
The Official Ramen Homepage - tons of recipes using the frugal Ramen noodle
Trade-In Program for Kodak digital cameras
FocusLineSurveys - $5 signup and I was presented with 3 surveys as soon as I registered. They even tell you the % of you making it into the survey and what you will be paid. Each of the 3 I had an option to take was worth $1 apiece. I tried each of them and didn't qualify for a single one :( But after verifying my email, it showed a $5 balance in my account.

Ha! I made some potato chips out of an old potato in the oven today. They turned out pretty good. Will have to do a post on this later with pics. With potato chips going for ~$3.49 a big bag this could be a real saver.

Free Unlimited Premium Games @ MostFun You can play online or download games for free. Several popular games such as Diner Dash - you may have to watch some ads but these are full games not 60 minute trials.



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