Thanks a million

Thanks a million
My sisters in every way but biology (from left): Donna,
Patty, me, Marilyn, Kathy.
My reception went very well yesterday. I was delighted that so many people came out. Gallery Director Kay had told me that these receptions were not well attended, but mine was. Many friends and family came to see my work and I sold a couple pictures. I think more will sell.

I didn’t do this show alone. I could not have accomplished it by myself.

I was born with a photographic eye. I cannot take credit for that at all. It’s a God-given gift. My responsibility is to use my gift and hone it for God’s glory. So, first, I thank the Lord for the gift and the tools He has granted me.

Thanks, Dad, for helping me cut glass and thanks, Jeff, for cutting my mats. I could not have finished without you.

Thanks, Hubby, for your love and support. I love you.

To my sisters, thanks for your loving support and assistance and for pushing me to package myself rather better, in spite of my great dubiousness about such things. Thanks go to Martha for that as well, plus for encouragement and good advice.

Patty said that I looked “like a successful businesswoman” yesterday. I sure hope that’s a prophecy. While I like to look nice, I seldom can be troubled to do so. Thanks, Donna, for some new clothes and a new haircut and to my unknown friend for the same.

I am truly grateful.

How I wish my mother and my grandparents could have joined me for this day, but I know they were joyfully looking down from Heaven. I wish my brother and his family could have been with us, but Louisiana is a long way from here.


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