10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities

With the weather warming up and summer just around the bend lots of people are thinking weight loss to fit into those summer clothes and for women --- some have that dreaded B word on their minds--- bikini!
Also in recent years it seems fitness has come back into popularity. Exercise has been one of the most mentioned ways to combat heart disease. America is truly a nation of obesity. With convenience being our top priority, we lag behind most everyone in healthy habits and weights. I include myself unfortunately in these statistics. Pediatric articles are saturated with mention of childhood obesity. Our kids are starting out with weight problems not gaining them in midlife.
Below I've listed ten websites that feature a community to go along with articles, calorie counters and exercises. In all the articles I've read about living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight for good, two things are stated again and again: logging your food and getting positive support equal success. These sites give you tools for success and positive reinforcement to reach your goals.

Buddy Slim Connect, Inspire and Lose Weight Together!

Connect, Inspire and Lose Weight Together!
Blog, make new friends, count calories, keep a food journal, explore recipes

My Trainer - A Sport & Fitness Community for Everybody!
MyTrainer is a community to share and learn about fitness, health and nutrition!
Watch videos and find out about the latest workout trends, connect with trainers and friends!

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities
Join millions of other people who are trying to live healthier lives.
SparkPeople has more tools, content, and community features than any
other health website. This website which I have tried myself is chock full of everything you could want to lose weight and/or live healthier. There are lots of opportunities for you to interact here: your own profile page, user submitted recipes, newsletters, exercise videos, monthly motivational calendar, message boards, logging in exercise and food and more.

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities
Set goals, track them and interact with the community.

FitDay.com - Free Online Weight Loss Journal
Get your free online diet journal and start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals.
Join over 2 Million FitDay members using our site to take control of their diet and lose weight.

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities
FatSecret is a new place for people interested in
diets to come and find out what works. With journals, food and exercise
diaries, tips, recipes and plenty of advice from the community, FatSecret is
your one-stop-shop for all things diet – the secret is out!

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities DietTV.com 10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities
If you look in the diets --- I think they have every commercial diet listed and lots of info on each.


Sweat 365 is dedicated to supporting
your every-day fitness, no matter
what your level and no matter what
your goals are.
We'll deliver you inspiration to move more - every day.
At Sweat 365 you can easily keep track of
your workouts, blog about fitness and life,
and connect with other athletes. You'll find
training guides for races of all distances,
disciplines, and levels of competition.
Yes, even walking a race is competing!

Healthy Weight Loss : Motivation, Support and Weight Loss Blogs at Extrapounds.com

Blogs, support groups, logs, trackers, diary. Find people near you and read diet product reviews.

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities
Personal Training FREE & ONLINE! Exercise Routines & Fast Weight Loss Diet Plans! Fitness Programs for Results!

Since 2000, FreeTrainers has provided over a
million individuals with custom exercise programs and weight loss diet
plans to aid and guide them in reaching all of their health &
fitness goals fast! We provide a FREE personal training service because
we believe that everyone has the right to reach their dreams.. we're
here to guide & support you!

These are just a few of the free online communities available. Find one you really like or it will feel like a chore instead of what you want it to be: something fun - something that works. If the ones I've listed don't seem to be your cup of tea, you can find others by searching elsewhere on the internet. Punch in some search words such as:
"free fitness community"
"free online weight loss community"
"free community"
"free fitness programs"
Or if you have a specific weight loss/fitness goal, plug that into to Google and surf around the links. You may be able to find a group or community where you really "fit" in!

10 Free On line Weight Loss/Fitness Communities

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