About to get my camera back

I’ve been without my precious Nikon since mid-March. I had to pester the warranty company for a month before I received the paperwork to send in my broken camera. I sent in just the camera body since the problem was only with the body, not the lens.

(I tried uploading a picture of a D40, but Blogger is in an uncooperative mood today!)

When I thought the camera was about to be fixed and sent to me, I found out that I needed to ship the lens to them. I’ve been forgetting necessary details in this fog of pain I’m in all the time. When I shipped off the lens, I stupidly didn’t put my label on it nor the job number nor write down the serial number before I shipped it. Thankfully, my friend Martha, who ships items all the time for her puppet business, had persuaded me to pay extra to the post office for a tracking number.

I called the repair place. The first lady I talked to was incredulous. “You did WHAT?”

She forwarded me to someone else, who was much nicer. This lady took my tracking number and said all would be well. I was grateful to her. This was right before my surgery and worrying about my camera wasn’t what I needed to be doing.

I called camera repair company again yesterday. They gave me a UPS tracking number. I should have my camera again Wednesday. I can hardly wait. Blogging without a digital camera is just too difficult. Working with a film camera when I’m used to the instant feedback of a digital isn’t nearly as much fun. I’m definitely spoiled.

I like being spoiled. My shutter finger is itching already … and I’m not even certain my left arm can reach high enough to hold the camera in front of my face. Oh, well. Just holding it in my hands again will be such sweet relief.

Once it comes, I hope to be posting a lot more than I have been doing in the last months.


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