April in Paris? ~ No, It Was January

A couple of days ago, I posted a beautiful photograph of Paris in springtime.  I love how the photograph includes the Eiffel Tower, bare tree branches, and beautiful spring flowers, probably from bulbs.  There's an old song called "April in Paris," and this photograph made me think of that song.  

I traveled to Paris one weekend long ago.  I had studied art history in college and was so looking forward to seeing all the paintings and sculptures in the Louvre, as well as the architecture of the cathedrals.  I did see all the art I wanted to see, but my trip to Paris took place in January so I did not get to enjoy Paris at its best.  The city was very cold, somewhat wet, and, most disappointingly, it was no other color but gray. 

There were no leaves on trees, no grass on the ground, no flowering bulbs lining walkways, and not a hint of sunshine.  There were only streets and sky and buildings of various sizes, all in some shade of gray. 

I am glad I had the opportunity to see Paris.  I was thrilled to see the real "Mona Lisa," a few favorite sculptures, and those tremendous cathedrals, Notre Dame and Sacre Couer.  I would love to visit Paris again some day.  And next time, I plan to visit this beautiful city some time between April and August.      

April in Paris? ~ No, It Was January 

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