Being Together

Being Together
As you can tell, we are happy about the prospect of another year together :-)

Well, after 13 hours in the car we have arrived in North Yorkshire. The sun has been out and the skies have been blue. Flowers are starting to bloom in the garden and there is a definite feel of Spring in the air. As you wander around the village people are cutting their grass, pruning their gardens and everyone has the time to stop for a chat. Milla in particular is enjoying having lots of doggy friends to play with; something she has been starved of for a while, as there weren’t many dog-walkers where we were in France and Isabella is enjoying time with Grandma and Grandad. Life has a lovely warm feel to it at the moment.

The only downside is that the Family Smudge are currently separated, with Scott being at the other end of the country for a month’s work. We will of course get to see each other, but it is strange after a whole year together pretty much every single day to be apart. But, thoughts of what we are doing this for are firmly on our mind and keeping us focused. And why are we doing it? Well, we have made another decision … I can hear you all going ‘hmmmm – OK – is this one definite?!’ Well, nothing in life is definite, as I’ve come to realise! Things can happen overnight that change the whole way you think, but what we do know is that we still have the urge to travel and given our work situation and the current climate in the UK not being the best – continuing on our travels seems like as good a plan as any. We can live super-frugally, enjoy more quality time together and I can make a start on my book. Not with the intention of being published you understand, but more for me to just write (although of course would be super wonderful if it was published – ha ha). Scott plans to fly back for any big jobs that come up so that we can keep the pot filled up as well as chop wood for people whenever he gets the opportunity and we’re just going to kick back and check out of life for another year (although one fellow ‘family’ traveller once said to me that they say that every year and are currently into their sixth year on the road … hmmmm.)

I don’t know, maybe our previous decision to return to the UK and put down roots was a momentary ‘need a home, things are not working out here, we’re tired of not having a base’ type thing. Or maybe we really did want to return? Maybe anybody who embarks on a new life abroad in whatever shape or form has days where they think ‘this is too hard, I miss what I know.’ I don’t have the answers, all I can tell you is that as time goes on and as different things have happened to shape our path it seems obvious to us that our time on the road is actually not meant to stop at this moment.

So, we always planned to get to Portugal last year, but we never made it after falling in love with and spending an extended time in Andalucia. However, we feel a strong draw there, specifically to the Beiras/central area so strangely, almost a year to the day that we left on our travels last year, we are planning to go again. This time we are truly going to try to ‘live on the road’ avoiding campsites as much as possible – a money-saving and adventure-maximising decision. We’re planning to do the Northern coast of Spain and then down into Portugal – heading for the central region. We plan at some point to re-visit our friend Kari for a few weeks to do some bits and bobs around the place and then who knows after that?

We really are looking at this next year, not as a ‘search for a place to call home’ specifically, but more of an adventure and some time to kick back completely. I think that although it is true that we did leave this last year to fate in some ways, in other ways we think we put too much on to the fact that at the end of that year we WOULD have found a place to call home. Dealing with the fact that we haven’t has taken a little adjusting but now we’ve got our heads around it and I’ve got my new Birkenstocks (footwear for the next year for me!!!) we’re excited about putting our life out there again and seeing what comes of it. Until then - beautiful Yorkshire:

Being Together
Spring lambs by the local church

Being Together
Out for a stroll

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