Bye Bye Modern Technology!

Bye Bye Modern Technology!

From now on the Family Smudge are officially without Internet access so I apologise if I’ve not made it over to your blog for the last few days. I’m normally an avid blog-reader, but life is taking on a different path now with minimal Internet accessing and maximum travelling experiences with my family! However, due to the fact that I do still need to access my emails for the odd writing assignment I will still have my satellite access up and running enabling me to check my emails a couple of times a week (so email us via the contact link if you need anything!) and I will also be able to upload blog posts by emailing them at those points. However, only having email access means that I won’t be able to reply to every comment left for us on a regular basis (although please know that we read them all and love them all!) but if you have filled in the email address bit I will reply via email and thank you directly. I also won’t be able to upload lots of pictures as that would be costly so blog posts will take on more of a text format with one picture. The plan when we hit the road is to get to an Internet café maybe once a week or so where I can catch up on blog-reading and upload a post with more photos. I think this should work pretty well, but we’ll see!

So, how do I – Internet access obsessed person – feel about not having the world at my fingertips? Well, I’m actually excited. Since losing work and making the decision to close down my business I’ve been feeling strangely serene, almost as if it was meant to happen that way. By not having to keep my toe in the corporate world, which to be honest annoyed all of us during the past year (being on the road in shorts and sandals whilst still trying to work for big companies back in the UK was a pain a lot of the time) I feel as if we can all really start to concentrate on what we really wanted when we started out on this journey: to free ourselves of the 9-5 and find a place with a bit of space where we could live a little more cheaply and not feel so under pressure. I guess we kind of lost sight of that goal in recent months when things weren’t working out as we expected and when I couldn’t see myself being able to give up the day job, so to speak. But now it feels like things really are on track. Of course, Scott having this month’s work in the UK gives us a cushion for the coming year and so I don’t have to worry about being a penniless writer (how romantic – ha ha!) for the time being anyway (we'll worry about that further down the road!) and we really can throw ourselves into maybe trying to find a little place to kick back and grow some veggies. Not that we’re focusing on anything in particular, but there are some ideas out there that would allow us to do this for the coming year (watch this space). Anyway, it just ‘feels’ like it’s the right thing to do at this moment in time and for those of you who are regulars here know that I pretty much go on feelings in general. I guess mostly I’m looking forward to not having work constantly nagging at me in the back of my mind and I certainly won’t miss writing press releases or designing brochures on the bonnet of the truck! Instead I’m looking forward to truly enjoying every moment with the family – fully – writing by hand in my newly purchased array of notebooks and just seeing where this year will take us.

So how is Elvis coming along I hear you ask? Well, I’m currently busy trying to make her more homely, but I’m afraid she won’t be quite as spectacular on the inside as our faithful Dandy, but I’m doing my best with what is available! And on the subject of Dandy - would you believe that a dear friend ‘Bird’ read on this here blog that Dandy was going up to the dealer to be sold Saturday just gone and emailed me to say she and the family were interested! So, Scott swung by their house on Friday and they bought! So our beloved camper has gone to not only a good home, but the good home of a good friend, which means that we can see her when we miss her! I am SO happy about that and Bird, I will be in touch soon about bringing over the white curtains (I wish I had known you would buy it, I would have made better ones!) So all in all things are going well on the preparation front. Elvis is coming along, especially now I have two wonderful prints for Isabella’s new room (thank you to Shelagh over at Alice in Paris – can’t link when posting by email but do visit her blog via the link list below) and we’re busy getting back in the ‘travelling’ zone, which will be easier once Scott finishes work. He’s just been offered another week, which will see him working pretty much up to departure date so things will be rushed, but heh – soon we’ll be back on the open road with not much to do at all!

Now, I'm not sure how this 'posting by email' will work so I hope this is showing up OK and that the picture has come out! (just love this picture because Isabella was saying 'moooo' and then the cow 'moooooed' back!).

(PS - something weird is happening with post by email ... please bear with me over the next few days if posts are not formatting correctly or disappearing/appearing ... !!!)

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