Canon Powershot E1 10MP Digital Camera

Canon Powershot E1 10MP Digital CameraFirst glance says it all: the Canon Powershot E1Canon Powershot E1 10MP Digital Camera and you are going to get along just great. After all, you love color that dares to surprise. And nothing delights you more than style that makes you smile. The PowerShot E1 goes everyplace you go -- to parties, to the beach, far away and to fabulous times right around the corner. 10-megapixel image sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 13 x 19-inch prints. 4x optical image-stabilized zoom lens. DIGIC III Image Processor with Genuine Canon Face Detection. Red-Eye Correction; 17 Shooting Modes. $356.23 Sale $159.95. Buy hereCanon Powershot E1 10MP Digital Camera.


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