Celebrating ~ Old Friends and Grown Children

Moments after I clicked on the publish button for yesterday's post, I nearly went back to make some edits.  I wanted to add that the day my second son was born was also the happiest day of my life.  I don't favor one son over the other.  They were born 3 years and 3 months apart; both of their births have been the high point in my life.  And I nearly edited yesterday's post to specify this sentiment. 

Well life can be a great equalizer.  When I arrived home from work today, a message was waiting for me on my answering machine.  An old friend I've known since high school has not seen my sons in several years.  She ran into my younger son today at his place of work.  Here is the message she left for me:

"I saw your son today.  I was speechless.  He knew my name and I was wondering, 'Who is that?'  And I was looking right at his name tag.  I had been watching him for a couple of minutes before, and he was so engaging and nice to everybody.  And I was just watching him.  Then it turned out to be your son!  You should be very proud.  He's very pleasant and beautiful and sweet.  I was just blown over.  He's all grown up!  It shocked me and brought me to a time warp.  Congratulations.  What a beautiful boy."

I was so moved by her message that I burst into tears.  I haven't talked to her in quite a while, and it's always great to hear her voice.  Then her wonderful compliments for my son meant the world to me.  She is one of few who knows exactly what I went through raising my sons virtually alone.  Thank goodness for close friends and family.  Had it not been for them, there may not have been any voicemail message of the kind when I got home tonight. 

Celebrating ~ Old Friends and Grown Children

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