Charles Osgood is a Gent.

Charles Osgood is a Gent.You may not get it just by looking at a picture of Charlie, but do not be fooled by his sorta-sweet-sorta-dorky bow tie; Charles Osgood is a gent. Many of you have mentioned that you would get a little flabbergasted (or “Fan Boy” in the case of the lads at FupDuck) around the likes of Ben Bailey (currently the host of Cash Cab), but let me tell you this: it takes a lot for me to get nervous around people, but I think I would get a little giggly around Charles Osgood. It’s not that I have some creepy crush on him or something, because that is certainly not the case. I look to Charles as a cool neighbor that I get to see every Sunday morning that fills me in on what’s going on in the world. And that’s exactly why I love Charles– he’s a wonderful host for CBS Sunday Morning.

My loyal viewing pattern started back in 2005 when I managed to wake up early enough (9:30 a.m.) to watch the show with my mom. She would make coffee and crumble-top blueberry muffins and we would watch it together from beginning to end (10:30). It soon came to be one of my favorite weekend traditions and while my viewing partner has changed to Brett, it still remains as one of my favorite weekend traditions to this day.

I wasn’t sure about this show at first; it seemed like it was geared toward older people who enjoyed the arts, classic music and fine foods. But as I started watching it, I realized that it was directed toward a much wider audience. An audience that was filled of people who wanted to start their Sunday morning off with a cup of coffee and classical music and a light-hearted look at current events.

Charles Osgood is a Gent.One of the greatest things about the show is that the news isn’t your typical sad/depressing/big story features, but it focuses on little stories about artists, musicians, and even small town heroes. Bill Geist reports on some of the most interesting stories that you would never think to even consider as an interesting segment, but it always turns out to be. I adore Bill Geist, by the way. I always look forward to his segments, especially when he’s exploring the inner-workings of small towns or an offbeat topic, like visiting Complaining Choirs.

Thankfully, Brett has also always loved CBS Sunday Morning and we watch it together every Sunday. Liam gets a little sleepy around that time, but he’ll still cuddle up with us anyway. My mom still watches it, too! We all love it for many reasons, but for me it is the balance of world news with offbeat stories, and also the calming effect that the show has on me. They end the show, or in the words of Charles, “we leave you this Sunday morning with images from …” and usually it’s images from a national park or something beautiful in nature.

I encourage you to watch an episode of Sunday morning, you might even find it to be interesting! :-)

Here’s to giving big ups to Charles Os”hella”good for delivering the news so eloquently on Sunday mornings!



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