FOOD - Big Kids Need Big Chocolate

At Christmas my boss was kind enough to get me a lovely gift for all my hard work, a Flower Power gift box from Montezuma's. If you have not had the pleasure of Montezuma's chocolate before, I suggest you get down there before Easter.

The Milk Giant Buttons are my recommendation as they will be loved as much by adults as by the kids (yes that mean's you have to share). I also loved the Sweet Summertime variety made with white chocolate and raspberries.

Anyone who likes Turkish Delight will be a fan of the Montezuma's twist on a classic. Geranium Dollops are like Turkish Delight but with a subtle flavour difference. Oh, and all of the chocs mentioned are suitable for those on a gluten-free diet.

They may not be cheap, but these chocs will be much appreciated by whoever is lucky enough to get some.

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