Heart Health Tip

Heart Health Tip
Eating has a handful of benefits to ones well being. The challenge usually is in starting to shift from a bad diet to a good one. Does it mean one has to drop eating meat and poutry altogether. Fact is a lot of people get really starved so easily, if meat is taken out of their daily diet. This is something that I have been struggling to influence my husband to. Since it is practically impossible for me to convert him to a vegetarian, the next best thing is choosing the better way to eat meat.  

According the The American Heart Association, meat consumptions hould be no more than six ounces per day. Whether lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood. And if you should at all choose, fish is way healthier than meat. This is why Omega 3 health supplements recently abound in the market. People are actually more educated now when it comes to health. Studies have shown that regular consumption of oily fish containing imega-3 fatty acids can actually prolong one’s life.  

Make sure to also read food labels and make it a habit. Taking note to choose those with more natural ingredients and leering away from artificial flavors and additives, if at all possible. 

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