House Remodeling Tips

House Remodeling Tips
Our home is now more than two years old. I cannot anymore call it brand new. Over the last couple of years, a handful of repairs have already been made and just recently some maintenance termite treatment had to be done as well. Keeping house is not all that easy. One of the laws of thermodynamics tells us that things will really tend to deteriorate no matter how well we take care of them.  

When we had our house erected two years ago, we prepared it to have a second floor. The foundation and the building is actually ready for that but the thing is once we decide and when funds are enough to finally have that second floor built, it will be like we’re going to have it undergo remodeling. The staircase has to be put somewhere and although the entire place does not need to change its overall look, it will still have to undergo a major facelift, considering our current 48sqm. floor area. 

If I will be given a choice, it will have to be done just like one of those Atlanta Remodeling projects that I have seen. Definitely no detail is left unturned. I would love a stylish but totally functional house that will maximize the little area that we have but not have it look so cramped up. You see our space will really entail creativity and that is what they have.

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