How to Clean Baby Strollers

How to Clean Baby Strollers
One of the baby things that can be a challenge to clean is the stroller. Whether it is a Bob stroller or the umbrella type, you should clean it the proper way so as not to mess up with the material that stroller is made of.

The first thing to do is find a place where you can clean your stroller. The garage can be an ideal place. Take out all baby things and toys from the pockets of the stroller. Have the stroller in its standing position, unfolded. Hand vacuum every single side, making sure every particle that can be in between will come off. If the stroller’s seat is the one that comes off, then take it off. Wash the material with cold water to make sure it does not shrink. Use damp cloth for those that cannot come off. Scrub the snack tray clean. Let the stroller dry and make sure all toys are cleaned with soap and water before putting them all back to the stroller.

Your baby’s stroller is now fresh and clean.

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