IDEA - Peachy Queen Jelly Bean

IDEA - Peachy Queen Jelly Bean
Take a look at this iconic image of the young Queen Elizabeth looking winsome and charming, but look closer and you will find that this portrait is crafted from thousands of jelly beans.

Jelly Belly® jelly beans come in 50 different flavours – and colours - the perfect artist’s palette” says Roger Rocha who took 5 weeks of skill and patience to create the picture. He is not admitting to the number of beans he ate along the way. National Jelly Bean Day was on April 22 - the day after the Queen's birthday.

Each year, over 100,000 UK Jelly Belly jelly bean fans vote for their favourite Jelly Belly bean flavour, and the 2008/9 results show that the UK has placed CANDY FLOSS tops for the second year in a row. VERY CHERRY is a close second – knocking STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE into third place.

Jelly Belly was invented in 1976 with just 8 flavours. All that time ago, it was revolutionary for a jelly bean to have a flavour that went all the way from the shell to the centre. Herm Rowland, Chairman of the Jelly Belly Candy Co. in California, insists that each flavour has to be truly authentic – “really really real” and if possible, even better than the real thing. It can take up to four years for a flavour to become a Jelly Belly jelly bean – plus a lot of work, research and hard cooking. Jelly Belly jelly beans were made famous by Ronald Reagan (favourite flavour liquorice) and it was because Reagan requested that VIP visitors to the American Embassy in London were presented with a jar of Jelly Belly that the beans found their way into the UK.

The UK's top ten flavours are listed below...

1. Candy Floss
2. Very Cherry
3. Strawberry Cheesecake
4. Liquorice
5. Tutti-Fruitti
6. Bubble Gum
7. Green Apple
8. Vanilla
9. Coconut
10. Juicy Pear

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