KITCHEN - Instant Meat Marinater

The Instant Marinater is said to marinate and tenderise meat, fish, chicken and vegetables in minutes. It works by creating a vacuum which opens up the pores and fibres of the meat allowing for a deep and instant marinate. This process also tenderises the food.

Marinating foods adds delicious flavors and protects them from the heat of the barbecue, grill, oven or pan. My mum has always done it for barbecues and her lemon, garlic and olive oil marinade always goes down a treat but the longer you leave it the better it is. This gadget allows you to have succulent and moist meat for the BBQ in a flash, meaning last minute plans are no longer a problem.

It comes with a recipe book too, so no excuses when summer comes. There are plenty of ideas for any aspiring outdoor chef.

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