Locate Exit Signs

Locate Exit Signs
Whenever your family goes out for a weekend of fun: movie time, football fun, concert or whatever really. It is always important to spot where the exit signs are. This is especially so, if you have kids in tow. We all know how tournament and games sometimes get to be violent, especially concerts. Truth of the matter is, a concert does not have to be a rock concert to be extra vigilant. We have known a good number of pop singers being assaulted during their big night.

We are all aware that sports matches even have a higher incidence of riot when the game becomes heated and fans take their sides to defend their teams. If at all possible, you and your family should sit close to where an exit sign is located. Just in case anything happens. Or if you are taking special seats that is far from any of the exit signs, then just make sure that you locate the closest to where you are. These are just some simple tips to remember whenever you attend anything that you will be a part of a huge crowd of. Make sure that have fun even as you prepare for any possible emergency.

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