My Life as a Bathing Beauty

My Life as a Bathing BeautyGrowing up, my Nana would always entertain my sister and I with old-time musicals and big production features. For some reason, probably for her own sanity, she would always dodge the Disney movies or cartoons and go straight for the singing, dancing and over-the-top acting of the films from back in her movie-going days. To her delight, and ours as well, we loved these films. We both would sit there in awe, watching the coordinated dance numbers, or comment on the attire and costumes of the time. Back then, it seemed perfectly normal that everyone in the movie moment would know all of the words to the recently broken out song and dance, but now…we find humor in some of it.

In fact, even though I can probably rattle off the names of the actors and actresses in most of the musicals and sing the majority of the songs, I probably wouldn’t sit down and watch one today. Some of the songs are a bit too long– and after awhile she and I would fast forward through the slow ones– but I guess it is nice to catch one if it’s on TV.

Recently, the women of my family (Nana, mom, sister and I) got into a discussion about our favorite musicals or movie moments from these films. After a long conversation, I started to think about if I could be in one of those movies…which one would it be.

Initially, I thought that I could totally take on the beautiful Esther William’s role in the movie Bathing Beauty.

But then after I realized that this would require a lot of skilled swimming, not to mention looking flawless under water, I had to figure out a different answer. I would probably have tons of bubbles going out of my nose, my eyes would be only partially open– which would cause me to collide into those body formation circles I would be required to swim through. And then when I’m finally lifted out of the water, I’d be gasping for air and rubbing the water out of my eyes. I just don’t see that going well for me at all.

I think the best role for me would be Doris Day playing Calamity Jane.

And check out that awesome opening sequence

My Life as a Bathing BeautyIf any of you know anything about the real Calamity Jane, firstly…she was not a blond. Actually, if you take a picture at her mug over there, she’s kind of a scary looking broad. But…according to historical accounts (and wiki), “Accounts from this period described Martha Jane as being “extremely attractive” and a “pretty, dark-eyed girl.”” Huh. I think the only accurate information that they show in this movie is that Calamity Jane is friends with Wild Bill Hickok…but in the end of the movie, they have those two pretty much shacked up together.

But as far as this role is concerned, I think I could handle it! There isn’t a lot of very difficult dance moves, just a few little minor stunts– which I may need someone to spot me, but I could do it! I have no problems sporting a southern accent, either! So I think I have found my musical role that I wouldn’t mind doing and I think I could handle it. And for those who haven’t seen the movie, Old Calam meets up with an actress from Chicago who gives her a complete makeover into a lady, so she gets to wear dresses around the halfway point of the movie. :-)

If you could star in a musical, what musical would you like to be in? How do you think you would do if you were in a musical, could you keep up with the dancing and singing?

Here’s to taking a logical approach to my abilities in a musical and really considering if I could look pretty underwater or gallop around a ballroom in a big huge dress (in the case of The King and I)!


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