Panic ! Maybe ?

Panic !  Maybe ?

At first I was not concerned when I saw the helicopter circling. The local hospital is only about a quarter mile away. We hear medic-vac choppers quite often so I glance up, sun in my eyes, glance back down and kept watering the young plants in the front flower bed.

Chris arrives home and states that chopper has a camera. Camera? I question. Then the chopper circles. I see it is the news crew from the big city. Why would the news crew be HERE? Overhead? What has Chris done now? Is there already a watering ban and I am in deep trouble? Then I see another news crew truck pass by.

I decide it is time to go in and turn on the t.v. "What is being reported from down the street?" When I worked in the city, choppers were no big thing. Just a visual reminder to avoid that area. There was a wreck, a 357 car pile up on the connector. My drive home was gonna be a pain. Maybe, I should go shopping instead.

When the news does not report live from the area, I call my Uncle. Our town is a small town. Yes, one of THOSE small towns. There are a handful of folks you can call to find out the 411 on what is happening. Uncle M is one of the few. This time, he does NOT know a thing.

Finally there is a small blip, a teaser of sorts. The long report would be on the 11:00 news.

The short report was....."A confirmed case of TYPE A unidentifiable flu" at the hospital. The local hospital, the hospital just a very short distance from our home. I also think "confirmed, unidentifiable" really means they think, but do not know.


Well this morning, word on the street passed much quicker than the news. Some of it true, some of it....not.

Yes....It is here....THAT flu. The first confirmed case in the southeast. Swine Flu, Pig Flu, Abc123 flu. CDC confirmed it, not just Rumor Mills. (You know him. He lives in every town.)

Hold on...
Just typing that made me need to wash my hands. Just whose hands have been on this mouse?

I have mixed feelings. Should I stock up on groceries, Dial soap, dust masks, and hand sanitizers? Or should I have confidence, all will be OK?

I am planning on going to the Piggly Wiggly in a bit, making sure I have everything I need for the week. I did hear that no Purell can be found in town. (Rumor told me.)

And if we really need masks.

I would fancy one of these....

Panic !  Maybe ?

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