Pogo.com - All members get a FREE mini!!!

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Pogo.com (my favorite game site) has some news. There are new mini items for Club Pogo members and some games will give you free mini items by reaching certain levels. I had already won some-just had to collect them. Also previously non-paying members couldn't have a mini, but now they have opened minis up to all members. There are 100 free games and 40+ that are just for Club members at Pogo. I've been a member for going on 2 years now and love it. I play all the time~it is a great stress reliever after a hard day at the office! If you would like to try out Club Pogo--they do have 14 day free trial going on right now or if you would just like to play free games go to pogo.com and register. Then you can make your free mini. Now is a great time to try out Pogo and get a lot of free tokens.
Pogo is also on Tweet --- follow them here.
5000 tokens - play Poppit
1000 tokens each day April 1st thru April 30th playing First Class Solitaire (30,000 tokies people!!)
This week's badges are Poppit! Fancy Flower Pot Badge and World Class Solitaire Aisle Seat Badge (just an FYI weekly badges start on Wednesdays). I think I will snag both of these!!
Pogo.com - All members get a FREE mini!!!

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