Quiz ~ Are You Dusk Or Dawn?

It's late at the moment; I just watched Ashton Kutcher reach1 million followers on Twitter -- on Twitter and on Ustream.  Fascinating social media event, and @aplusk is more charming than I anticipated.  Someone tweeted that it will be interesting to see SNL's spoof on this event.  Good point.

Here's a quiz asking of you are "dusk or dawn."  I could really be either.  I don't think the description matches me completely, but perhaps my results are skewed since I took the quiz so late in the evening.  If you'd like to take the quiz, too, just click on the link underneath the summary.

Quiz ~ Are You Dusk Or Dawn?   

You Are Dawn

Quiz ~ Are You Dusk Or Dawn?
You are a naturally energetic and optimistic person. You can't wait to start each day.

You hate to waste any time, and you jump out of bed in the morning ready to face the world.

You enjoy working and have a fulfilling career. For you, nothing feels better than the sweet victory success.

You are goal oriented and successful in every aspect of your life. You're universally ambitious.


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