Simple Organizing Ideas for Your Bathroom

Simple Organizing Ideas for Your BathroomYou may not be a "bathroom person" and simply view the bathroom as something necessary but unworthy of your styling and organizing attention. If you think about it though, your bathroom, its ambiance, its space affects your daily bathroom rituals.

A lot of people have this "view" about bathrooms hence this space usually ends us being cluttered and unkempt. Your bathroom accessories, beauty products, medicines could really just pile up and its easy to get lost in all that clutter. Before long, you'll be wanting to organize your bathroom.

Take a look at your bathroom and your stuff in there and start creating good space and some peace in your bathroom. Here's some simple and basic steps to get you started.

Assess your medicine cabinet if its in your bathroom. It's not a good idea to store medicine in the bathroom as this are can become hot and humid specially if you tend to use hot showers and baths often and this can have harmful effect on your medicines that needs to be stored at room temperature. Consider moving your medicine cabinet out of the bathroom. If not make sure it is farther away from the moisture and humidity generated by the shower. Now, start organizing, check your medicines' expiration dates. Throw out expired ones. Make sure you keep all meds locked tight and preferably stored higher up specially if you have kids around the house.

Take a look at your makeup. Don't keep those old stuff as it could cause you allergies. Most makeups have a shelf life of about 18-24 months except mascaras which can be used for up to 3 months and liquid eyeliners, which lasts about 3-6 months. Nail polish can be kept for about a year. Those makeup products that have exceeded their shelf lives, throw it out. It would be helpful for your if you mark each item with the purchase date so you won't have to rack up your memory when you have purchased something. Organize your makeup in a way that you have easy access to those you wear and use daily.

Get some of those inexpensive containers from your home discount store. Bathrooms have a lot of small things that could easily pile up as a clutter and these small boxes, baskets and bins could help you out organize these small things. Organize your bathroom drawers with these, place the things you need when you use the shower or bathtub together in a container and place them near the area you will use it for.

The simple key to being organized is to have the things that you need in a place that your can easily access so you will have a more efficient and time saving space. Don't procrastinate, go ahead, assess your bathroom clutter and get organized.

Simple Organizing Ideas for Your Bathroom

Simple Organizing Ideas for Your Bathroom

Simple Organizing Ideas for Your Bathroom

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