So many options

So many optionsMy camera has returned from the shop at last. I felt such relief when I picked up my camera again! I don’t want to go through D40 withdrawal again.

I&146;ve been in such misery for the last six weeks or so that I could hardly function. I dragged myself through my daily routine with ever-increasing difficulty. I felt as if I were going through life in a fog. I made so many mistakes. Details eluded me.

Even if I had had my camera, I’m not sure how good my work would have been.

The shoulder still hurts, but it’s a different sort of pain. I no longer feel in a fog. Yes, I tire easily, but I can THINK again! Today I’ve had more focus, more purpose in what I’m doing than I’ve had for some time. What a relief!

I’ve been researching online photo sales options today. That’s overwhelming. The options are so numerous that my mind boggles. I am hoping to begin uploading stock photos as well as better market the site I already have.

At the same time, I want to find some kind of display space for the actual pictures now that my show has closed.

I’ll still continue to dabble in other crafts, but I’d like to integrate them with my pictures as well.

This should be an interesting journey. I’m hoping you’ll take it with me.


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