Spring at Last!

Spring at Last!Today, in all-over-the-place Columbus, OH, we had a beautiful spring day and all of us (B, Liam and I) were able to go outside and enjoy it. I was so thrilled to get outside without a big winter coat and boots and let me tell you who was even more excited– Liam! It is so adorable that his personality is really starting to shine through and we have picked up on what he does when he needs things (to go outside, play, or even take a nap). Of course, I just had to show off my favorite picture of him– which you can see over there to the left. He is such a ham…

So, even though we are apparently due for some snow (this is according to the Weather Channel) I am very much so looking forward to spring. So much in fact that I decided to do a standard Moho list of things I am looking forward to doing this spring.

Spring Things

1 Spring at Last!Eat Lunch in Outdoor Seating:

I’m pretty thankful that dear old Columbus has many locations that have great outdoor seating. I’m very pick about eating outside; I generally don’t do it if it’s too hot or humid because at that point it seems much nicer to go indoors and seek refuge from the heat. However! The spring is perfect because it’s sunny and nice and just lovely. In my opinion, the restaraunt with the best outdoor seating in Columbus is Barcelona in German Village (featured to the right). The atmosphere is so lovely and the food is quite delicious. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, especially with the dinner menu, but the lunch menu is affordable and quite good. I would highly recommend anyone visiting the Columbus area to have an enjoyable outdoor lunch at Barcelona.

2 Spring at Last!Stroll Around the Metro Gardens:

One of the very first blogs that I ever did on here was documenting my magical experience at Innis Woods Metro Park. I was fortunate enough to grow up very close to this park and it’s always a joy to go back and visit it and get lost in all of nature’s beauty. One thing that I really love about this park — aside from the obvious — is that they manage to change things up every year and add a new feature or rework something that’s already there. I have an eye for detail, if I do say so myself, so it’s always a lot of fun to try to see what’s different this time around. I’m very excited to go to the park and see all of the spring flowers in bloom — I’ll take pictures, of course.

3 Spring at Last!Celebrate My Birthday:

I love birthdays  and not just mine, but pretty much everybody else, too! It’s not “just another day” to me, but a celebration of your life and what makes you unique and why the world is different because you’re in it. On my birthday, I generally bake cupcakes for work (I haven’t grown out of that elementary school birthday party phase) and I send my mom a card to thank her for giving birth to me x-amount of years ago and being there for me from then to now. I am very excited for my birthday this year! We probably aren’t going to do anything grand or out of the ordinary, but I’m thrilled that I can spend time with my family and friends and celebrate life!  May 14th, in case you were wondering!

4 Spring at Last!Buy Some Tulips:

Ooo, I love tulips– they are one of my favorite blooms out there. Some people are confused with tulips because they’re “top heavy” and sort of droop over, but that’s just their style and in their “nature”. In fact, it is that very characteristic that makes tulips so dramatic if they’re simply put in a vase and not arranged. Someday, I would love to go to Holland and visit a tulip field– they’re absolutely breathtaking as you can see from the picture. Apparently, there is a Spring Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon, this month on April 18th and 19th! Aside from being able to tour the beautiful gardens of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, you can also taste wine and enjoy food– mm. Check it out at their website: wooodenshoe.com.

So there you have it– some reasons why I am so excited to get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring! Here’s my question to you:

In your hometown or state, what is your favorite spring activity to do? What is the spring season like where you live?

Here’s to enjoying all of the seasons and taking advantage of the joys that come with each!


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