Spring in Downtown San Francisco

Spring in Downtown San Francisco

After my morning at home yesterday, I had the sudden urge to go downtown San Francisco.  So I did.  The April air was crisp and clear, and it was magical to once again cross the Golden Gate Bridge.  There is something about that bridge that conjures up excitement for me.  Going to The City is fun and exciting, and it holds many, many wonderful memories.

My timing to head to The City could not have been better; Macy's is currently holding its annual flower show.  The theme this year in San Francisco is "A Bohemian Garden."  What a treat! 

The first flower show I ever attended was with my grandmother several years ago.  When we walked into the main floor of Macy's, I recall feeling completely overwhelmed by the beauty of all the flowers.  There was a series of arches in the center isle, so an arced lattice ceiling of greenery and blossoms welcomed every guest.  I don't recall the theme that year, but it has always been my favorite. 

This year's interpretation of the theme is beautiful, too.  Over-sized whimsical fairies are nestled into colorful branches and blooms on the main floor.  And in an adjacent department, huge eggs reminiscent of Faberge's masterpieces sit atop more branches and blooms heralding in Easter week.

My visit was short and sweet, and I was soon heading back home.  It was so much fun to get a peek of Spring in downtown San Francisco!

Spring in Downtown San Francisco 

P.S.  I have no affiliation with Macy's nor was I paid to write this post. 

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