Successful surgery

Successful surgeryShoulder surgery was successful. Orthopedist cleaned out a lot of junk. Hubby said I had so many bone spurs that he was reminded of a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. No wonder my shoulder has grated and popped for so many years, even though I tried to avoid making those noises. The rotator cuff was damaged, which the MRI had not shown. Arthroscope pictures showed a lot of fuzz on those tendons. Orthopedist told me he snipped off the fuzz, comparing that part of the operation to snipping hangnails. The pictures looked like my rotator cuff was a teased-out cotton ball, or so Hubby said. I haven’t seen those pictures myself. I hope to see them during my post-op appointment May 11.

Yesterday I started physical therapy. The therapists were surprised and pleased with how much range of motion I already have. I was pleased not to feel/hear that unpleasant grating at various places in my shoulder. PT did not feel too bad yesterday during my session, but when I did the exercises at home last night and this morning, they hurt.

I wish I knew the line between pushing through the pain and avoiding further injury.

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