Sunroom Gardens

Sunroom GardensSunroom gardens are an interesting approach to urban gardening. It's not something I see all that often, but I hope that will change in time. It makes perfect sense in cold climates like NYC to have an indoor garden room that can be enjoyed year-round.

This sunroom addition was part of a renovated apartment plan for a residence in the West Village. It features large windows that allow plenty of sunlight in for the plants to grow and thrive and an automated drip irrigation system for instant watering and low-maintenance plants. The floor is comprised of large slabs of blue stone that feel much like the stone used in many outdoor patios.

Drainage for the irrigation system is funneled through a channel cut into the stone along one wall. Each planter in the sunroom contains its own hidden faucet in cabinets built into the planters from below, where an irrigation timer and hoses are also discreetly connected and run through each of the planters.

Another benefit to having an indoor garden room is that it opens up a world of tropical plants that normally wouldn't survive in a cold climate like New York. The planters in this room contain Mexican feather grass, citrus trees, passionflower and jasmine vines, rosemary, zizi zamias, snake plants, and bromeliads.

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