Taxi Dispatch Services

Taxi Dispatch Services
This week I will be commuting, so I had to gather taxi dispatch services phone numbers from friends via Plurk.  I do not want to take the risk of flagging down a cab on the streets after having received a handful of emails that tell of those notorious cab drivers victimizing their lady passengers, leaving them for dead on the streets.  

Commuting is incovenient.  But if we could lower the risk of accidents happening to us by virtue of modus operandi of bad elements in the society, then I choose to take that road.  

Here is a list of taxi dispatch services that may come in handy for those who might need a reliable and reputable taxi service in Manila.  Choose your pick.  Feel free to share other services that are not named herein.  

AVIS - 532.0605 and 534.9188
BASIC - 642.7777 and 643.7777
Dollar - 921.2383
EMP - 293.5930 to 31
MGE - 3301654 or 363.6096
R & E - 362.9089

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