THOUGHT - Petal Blossom Rainbow... Really?

THOUGHT - Petal Blossom Rainbow... Really?
Petal Blossom Rainbow has been born, and while the Olivers coo over their new arrival, women around the country are cringing!

A poll from 1001, (the carpet cleaning experts), has revealed that celebrities calling their babies ridiculous names is one of women's biggest bug bears. In the celebrity world, being named after places, objects or fruit seem to be the norm, but for your average lady it’s just too much to comprehend, with nearly one in three admitting to getting irritated about it.

Topping the 1001 poll are the likes of wags and mistresses that seek to find fame off the back of someone else. Then, no surprises at No. 2 it’s the big brother rejects - those who don’t win the contest, yet turn up at every ‘celebrity’ party going.

And in the aftermath of the various political scandals, it won’t come as a shock that the fifth most annoying group of people in the public eye are the less than perfect politicians! Yes we really are fed up with reading about the officials conducting their private lives and managing their cash flow in a less than admirable manner.

The Top 5 people in the public eye that rile British women are:

1. People who become famous off the back of someone else (WAGs, mistresses)
2. Big Brother rejects
3. Celebrities who call their children ridiculous names
4. Celebrities who are airbrushed in magazines
5. Politicians

David Whittome from 1001 comments: ”Celebrity status clearly goes to people’s heads. They like to stand out from the crowd and extreme baby names are one such way of doing so, yet it does nothing but irritate others.

1001 is on a mission to make all irritations disappear and to make life a bit easier for the ladies. Join in the debate at where you can see other women’s pet hates for yourself and add your own.

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