Tips on Keeping the Fridge Clean

Tips on Keeping the Fridge Clean
It is one thing to preserve foods with the help of the fridge, it is another to make sure your fridge is actually safe to keep foods safe. What are the things to remember to make sure the one place that you store your food is fit for its job?

First, regularly clean the interior of your fridge. As an advocate of everything natural, what I recommend for you to use to clean your refrigerator and everything around the house is the tea tree oil concoction. I have seen for myself how it loosens algae and things that would usually require tough cleaning agents. You could read my first post on the wonders of tea tree oil from my main blog,

The second thing to remember is make sure it temperature is 41 degrees or below. Poultry and meat products should be cut into pieces and placed in their own containers before placing then in the freezer. This will prevent spillage of their juices all over the freezer unit. This is the key to lessen the spillage inside the refrigerator.

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