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“Home – there’s no place like it”

A revamped TV channel, Home, launches at 9am on Thursday 30th April 2009 and there is plenty in store to be excited about. I have always been a fan of TV programmes offering a sneak peek into the homes of other people. Some may say I am just nosy, but all in the name of style I would argue - which of course makes it OK.

Home was formerly known as UKTV Style, but with a new name will be a new look channel packed with inspirational home and gardens programming. Commissions, such as Celebrity Fantasy Homes with Gaby Roslin, Love The Place You’re In with Gordon Whistance and Gutted with Mark Durden Smith, will play alongside the phenomenally successful US show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (which I love by the way) and popular series including DIY SOS, Escape To The Country, and Ground Force. Home promises plenty to entertain us all with energetic, stylish and motivating programming that shows viewers how to enjoy and maximise their space, both inside and out.

Make sure you catch these new programmes, both exclusive to Home...

TV - Home - thereCelebrity Fantasy Homes

Starts on Thursday 30th April at 9pm on Home.
Celebrity Fantasy Homes follows famous house hunters in search of their dream properties in the UK and abroad. Gaby Roslin (Children in Need, The Big Breakfast) takes celebrity property hunters David Gest, Lady Victoria Hervey, Brendon Cole, Lee Sharpe, Sherri Hewson, the Right Said Fred brothers and Mica Paris to view four prospective properties. Each programme is dedicated to a different celebrity taking viewers to fantasy properties spanning London, Spain, Sardinia, the Home Counties, Windsor and Cambridge.

TV - Home - thereGutted

Watch it Mondays at 10am from May 4th
Mark Durden-Smith lifts the lid on Britain’s most cluttered houses and targets hoarding homeowners in Gutted. From rooms filled to the rafters with junk or families in desperate need of extra space, Mark and the team come to the rescue. Families fed up with sharing their space with a load of old tat nominate an unsuspecting hoarder who gets the fright of their life when they return home to find all of their worldly possessions missing and their house stripped bare! Briefly they breathe a sigh of relief when they learn their belongings are safely stored in a removal van parked outside. However, to win their possessions back the ‘Guttees’ have to remember everything they own… AND correctly answer a question about the item…

To find out more about the channel, the programming and much more besides, visit

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