A World of Difference ~ One Company, Two Products

I was curious to find a succinct explanation of the differences between the iPod Touch and the iPhone.  Here is the best explanation I found when I queried via my favorite search engine:

"The difference between an iPod touch and an iPhone 3G is that an iPod touch uses Wi-Fi hotspots to find your location, doesn't take pictures, doesn't text message (SMS), and is not a phone. The iPhone 3G on the other hand uses GPS to find your location, takes and saves pictures, text messages, is a phone, and is available with [mobile phone carriers]." (Source:WikiAnswers)

GPS, photos, text messages, plus a phone.  I have to say the browser in my iPod Touch is fabulous but it's only available where there is Wi-Fi.  But Internet access is nearly always available on an iPhone.  

A World of Difference ~ One Company, Two Products

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