Yes– I’m Sold!

Yes– I’m Sold!As a person with a dear, sweet interest in marketing I can tell you that this one thing is true: when it comes to commercials, I am very hit or miss. I used to watch the Superbowl JUST to see the commercials– sorry Sports Fans, I’m one of those people– but then it got too late for me to stay up– yes, I’m one of those people, too– and now I just catch them on Youtube the following day. If you haven’t left my blog in disgust at my lack of interest in sports, congratulations! You are in for a real treat involving commercials, MoHo commentary, and hopefully a bit of conversation to follow after.

My family has the same fascination with commercials as I do and thankfully, so does Brett. At our family dinners we will go around the table quoting lines from our favorite cheesy infomercials, local commercials, or those low budget scam commercials. We also sing songs at high-end restaurants, but that’s a whole other entry.

My recent viewing relationship with Game Show Network has allowed me to really expand my world as far as low-budget commercials are concerned, not to mention target audience advertisements. The really annoying aspect of the GSN ad-stream is that they pretty much circulate ten to fifteen ads for every other break, so you get to see Magic Johnson talking up Rent-a-Center quite a bit.

All of this has inspired me to share with you some of my favorite commercials over the last couple of years.

My Favorite Commercials of Recent Years

—Cute, clever, and corny commercials, alike!

1 Petsmart Bulldog Commercial:

I don’t quite remember when this commercial was released, but it was the talk of my pet-loving family for quite some time! It was one of those instances where we kept asking each other if the other person had seen it yet and then finally we were all on board and could “aw” together. I love bulldogs, I think they’re adorable in their own way– especially the puppies! Aw! Just a little Liam reference, he has many of those dog toys that are featured in that ad. They’re called Loofa Dog Toys and we refer to them as “blue guy” “green guy” so on and so forth.

2 “We Got the Funk” Mastercard Commercial:

When Brett and I first saw this commercial together, I instantly turned to him and told him that it was how I pictured him to be when he was a little kid. He pretty much said, “Yep“. Aw, definitely marches to the beat of his own drum…haha. I love these little kids, it’s such a short and sweet commercial, but I love it. Especially at the end when they do their little robot-esque walk away. And also how his two little friends just run up and join him, no questions asked!

3 Flea Market Montgomery“– Let’s Make it a Dance!:

So this was one of those cheesy local commercials that, by the grace of Youtube’s power, made it to national– even international– fame. And yes, fame, it’s was an internet craze and its one that to this day– I still crack up when I see it. First of all, that guy…Sammy Stephens…probably spent quite a bit of timing writing out the Mini Mall Rap. Secondly, did anyone even get a chance to see the furniture he’s talking up? I mean, it’s not bad for a flea market, it sort of reminds me of…hm… a mini mall? A Mini- ma-all.

4 Betty Crocker Christmas Commercial:

Okay, so I have a soft spot for cute little kids with bed head in commercials. Especially Christmas related commercials! Brett and I love this commercial, mainly because that little kid is just adorable, but also the dad’s reaction is pretty typical. “We’re going to have these in no time, my man.

5 Trigon Bluecross Blueshield:

This is another internet craze, but a damn good one– cute little kids being cute little kids. This little boy is so adorable, seriously, he’s the cutest little thing and I love how he get so serious when he gets to the big line, which if you haven’t seen it already, I won’t give it away!

6 AT&T Wireless Commercial:

Hm, another cute little kid commercial– I guess I just appreciate it when the kids are adorable and not annoying (like those Band-Aid Brand kids are). I think there’s a lot of cute stuff about this commercial: the song, the fact that the dad takes pictures of the monkey in different locations, and of course, the end… definitely a cute one.

7 Amstel Bier Valentine’s Day Commercial:

Generally, I don’t like beer commercials, but I thought that this one was pretty funny. Especially the part where the guy plops down into the “romantic bubble bath” and creates a tidal wave that splashes his lady in the face and blows out all of the candles she had lit to set the mood. Ah, Valentine’s Day… ah, macho commercials.

8 Old Spice Swagger Commercial:

I think this is a pretty recent chain of commercials for Old Spice where they have clips of the dorky, younger former self of a macho male and then they tell you that they use Swagger and everything is alright, aww yeah. This has to be my favorite, especially that noise that “LL” does… whatever that noise is…

9 Budweiser Rocky Horse:

Aw, animals are so cute. I think Budweiser actually does a pretty great job with their marketing and creative concept commercials. I still shiver when I think about those damn BUD-WEIS-ER frogs– bleh. Even though I was annoyed by it, it was a huge trademark phenomenon. Kudos to you, buds at Budweiser.I love this commercial, aw, the high five at the end!

10 Cesar Dog Food:

Well, of course I had to show some love to my baby puppy and show off the Cesar commercial which features a Westie! It makes me a little sad to think my tiny little baby boy is going to grow up to be big, but! At least he’ll be a cutie when he’s big, too. They have a whole bunch of these commercials, but I love the way he cuddles up to her in the end, aw.

So there you have it! Some of my favorite commercials featured in recent years. I hope that you share some of your favorites with me– there are so many out there and I know that I’m forgetting some of them. But, just to make something clear: I do not like the commercials. That website is a rip-off and it’s not “free” like they say. I also don’t like the Geico Caveman commercials OR the new money with googley eyes commercial– lame.

Here’s to actually enjoying the commercials that are played between our favorite shows!


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