All Natural Home Made Zinc Oxide Cream

When my son was still in his diapering years, specifically the first two years of his life, I made sure to use all natural things on him. Click here for my recipe of All Natural Home Made Baby Wipes. Here is another recipe of All Natural Home Made Zinc Oxide Cream.

All the ingredients that you will need are: Olive oil, bees wax and 0.5oz zinc oxide. Mix the olive oil and bees wax in a measuring cup made of glass. I use pyrex to make sure it does not break. Heat it up in a hot water bath. Much like steaming it up. Take out the container as soon as the beeswax and olive oil have come together perfectly. Add in the zinc oxide as the mixture cools off.

Of course you can always buy zinc oxide creams from the drugstore, but you are going to pay so much for such small of a tube.  There are a lot of good diaper rash ointments and creams out in the market, but this alternative will have you save tons for all those diapering years of your son.  You are even assured that this recipe is cloth diaper friendly.  The cream comes right off as you wash.

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