A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

As I headed to work one morning last week, there on the street around the corner from my home was a rafter* of turkeys.  The tail feathers on two of them were in full spread.  I was charmed by this sight and was amused at the notion of their surviving several Thanksgivings.

This is the time of year for lizards to appear in walkways in my neighborhood, too.  I've seen more of them in the past couple of weeks than I saw in the last couple of years.  One looks rather wide and I'm wondering if this little creature is female and with child(ren).  They continue to scurry whenever homo sapiens are near.

And earlier today as I walked into my front yard, I caught sight of something swooping down onto the hillside opposite my house.  It was an egret.  Large and lean and graceful, it landed between two heritage oak trees.  I watched for a moment, then looked away.  When I looked back again the egret was gone.

Small birds continue to chirp outside my windows, so much so that I'd rather listen to them than to anything else, including music.  

Turkeys, lizards, egrets, small birds, hillsides, and heritage oak trees.  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood     

* Rafter is the correct term for a group of turkeys just as gaggle is used for a group or geese.  But I had to look it up to learn that fact.

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