Celebrating Mo-Ho

Celebrating Mo-Ho

There are so many reasons to celebrate in May– my birthday (are you tired of hearing this yet?), Mother’s Day, my two year anniversary with Brett, and so many other important days! But, I cannot forget to include another semi-important event…at least for my website. Ladies and gentleman, this post marks the 100th post for morgan-howard.com! And honestly, I can’t think of a better way to mark such an event than to just dedicate an entire post to telling everyone that I’m 100 posts in and can’t wait for the hundreds more that are yet to come!

I wasn’t entirely sure about this whole blog business until Brett finally talked me into doing one. Actually, it was more like he made it for me and told me to try it out and see how it went– I loved it! I’m not the usual blogger in the sense that I don’t really write about the daily events that take place in my life, because I honestly think you’d all be very bored with that. But through the posts, I’ve found my own way of doing things and I’m sure it will just keep being fine tuned as I keep going.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by and said hello and shared some comments with me. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs and have every intention to keep doing so! I’ve been fortunate enough to come across some extraordinary writers and great thinkers, it’s been wonderful so far.

Thanks to you all for being such great people! I look forward to writing more and reading more in the future. :-)

Here’s to 100 more posts and then a 100 more after that until I simply can’t think of anything else to talk about!



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