Cinco de Mayo?

My mother's parents were born in Ireland.  I studied French in school for 8 years.  My married name is of Spanish origin.  My children, whose last name is of Spanish origin too, are more Irish than Spanish. 

I was born and raised in California and live there now.  I have seen more of France than Mexico.  I have never been to Ireland.   

There is nothing I like about corned beef and cabbage.  French foods are delicacies.  There is much I love about quesadillas and burritos. 

Cinco de Mayo?I know not a single word of Gaelic.  I used to be able to speak, read, and understand French.  Besides the menu at Taco Bell and being able to count to 10, I know only about a dozen Spanish words.  I wasn't even sure if I was spelling "Cinco de Mayo" correctly until I found this clip art.  

I know there is much history associated with this special day and if there was an upside down question mark on my keyboard, I would have used it at the beginning of the title for this post.  

To all who celebrate this day, enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo?


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