A Cottage-Cotton Kind of Day

A Cottage-Cotton Kind of Day

The sun was bright and cheerful outdoors, and it streamed into the rooms of my home all day.  I lounged in a full length cotton robe as I stared at dozens of quilts.  Some were in photographs, most were in my closet.  Fabrics of crisp solid white, miniature florals in pinks and yellows, and demure stripes in blues and greens surrounded me all day.  They smelled clean, as though they'd been lined-dried in a spring breeze. 

The bouquet of flowers I received from my son on Mother's Day is in full bloom.  The flowers are beautiful and nearly look as though they came from our yard.  A faint scent of roses lingers in my dining room.

The day felt very cottage-y.  Cotton quilts and fresh cut flowers, quaint and sweet.  I wasn't feeling well enough to go to work yesterday, so I stayed home to rest.  I loved being surrounded by so much simple beauty.

A Cottage-Cotton Kind of Day  

To see examples of how quilts are used in home decorating, visit Seasons for All at Home by clicking here.

Credit: Photo from Country Living.

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