Do you blog or tweet at work?

I don't mean do you post to your personal blog or send out personal tweets while you're supposed to be working. Although now that I think about it I have to admit I'm a bit curious if you do.

What I really meant to ask is whether or not your company is using social media as a communication tool. You know---blogs, Twitter, podcasts, social networks, message boards, things of that nature.

Why am I asking?

Well, I attended an outstanding social media communication conference yesterday. The conference speaker was highly entertaining, provided loads of tips (and I already knew the tip about removing your cordless mic before using the restroom thanks to a senior marketing VP I worked for years ago...if you really want the story email me privately *LOL*) and presented actual case studies of companies successfully using social media. and they weren't the type of companies you'd expect...unless you were expecting the IRS and other government agencies.

I really wanted to share a link with you of a health care agency that is using social media as a recruitment will seriously make you cry (in a good emotional way, not in a oh-my-gosh-that's-so-terrible-I-can't-believe-someone-thought-it-was-good-enough-to-post way) but shoot, I can't find the website. I'll post it another day. You seriously want to see this.

I left jazzed about all the possibilities these tools offer to reach and engage my company's audiences. But then I realized it will take time and well thought out proposal before these tools might be considered.

Which leads me back to my question. Is your company using social media to communicate either internally or externally? If so, what are they doing?

By the way, the speaker was Steve Crescenzo owner of Crescenzo Communicaitons. If you ever have a chance to attend one of his seminars don't hesitate to sign up. You'll be exposed to way more than your brain can absorb in one sitting yet you'll wish he could keep on speaking. Plus you never know what interesting tip he might share with you.Do you blog or tweet at work?

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