Extra Space in Your Home

When the time’s coming, when we need more space for new member or activities in our home. That is a time to improve your home by making some room;

Making Room - Taking Advantage of the Extra Space in Your Home

By James L Tyler

If you intend to remodel your home, instead of just improving the decor and fixtures of your home, you could consider taking advantage of any extra space you have in your home.

Extra Space in Your Home

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This means that if you need an extra room, you could convert your basement and attic into additional rooms or game rooms that your family will really like and enjoy spending time in. many a times, this is a much better alternative than keeping these areas as dark and gloomy storage areas.

If you intend to remodel your basement, you have to first repair any water problems you have. This may take some time to get into operation; this is why it is better to get the help of a home inspector in solving water proofing problems. This way, you are sure that your new room will not have any water problems on completion.

Use the help of a professional designer

You have to decide what you intend to use your basement for depending on the conditions of the basement. Poor lighting suggests a dark room or home theater and an isolated atmosphere suggests a cushion for noisy stuff like a game room or hangout.

It is up to you to decide and make the right choice with the help of a professional designer. This way you will be able to make maximum use of the basements natural light with perhaps using large windows and glass bricks for added safety from thieves.

Extra Space in Your Home

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Remember that the basement may have few vents in it; so when remodeling, remember the need of good air circulation and place openings where needed. You could also install a carbon monoxide detector for safety reasons in picking up warnings of problems with venting.

Decide what you want to use your attic for

Besides remodeling the basement, you can remodel the attic for extra space. In doing so, once again, you have to consider what you intend to remodel the attic into. You can get ideas for this by thinking what you are in deficit of in the house; perhaps a bedroom, study room or a bathroom.

You can then get the help of a designer to design the place, and to give an estimate of remodeling costs; this way you will be able to decide if it is worth remodeling or not. Like if you intend to make a bathroom, consider if the costs incurred in building it like reinforcement in walls is worth the remodeling.

Extra Space in Your Home

Also find out if local building codes and zoning laws permit an addition, your type of addition, the materials you intend to use, how you intend to provide access to the new structure and if reinforcement of walls and floor is required to hold any heavy equipment you intend to place in the additional space.

With all this covered, you should have no problems in remodeling your home, to use that extra spots in your home wisely.

James Tyler is the owner of Ace Builders, a residential remodeling company serving the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Tyler writes about issues relating to all types of remodeling and home improvement projects.

For more information, tips and advice visit http://www.acebuilders.net

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