A Favorite Blog ~ "My Romantic Home"

There are several blogs I visit almost every day and they have truly become favorites.  I thought it would be fun to share those blogs here, perhaps every Saturday.  So, without further ado, here is the first of my favorite blogs:

My Romantic Home ~ Cindy is a single working mom living in a 2-bedroom rented apartment.  Her favorite color is blue, her taste and style are exquisite, and she views her readers as close friends.  Each day she features a treasure that she has found or made.  She photographs each treasure in its special nook in her home, and then includes that photograph in her post.  The decor in her home says cozy, romantic, and elegant.  Cindy hopes to own a cottage some day.  While I've never met her, I have exchanged email with her and, coupled with her daily posts, I can tell she is as lovely a person as her blog is beautiful.  So, when it comes to her dream of owning a cottage, I know all her dreams will come true.

A Favorite Blog ~ "My Romantic Home" Beginning this Monday, Cindy is hosting "My Romantic Home Giveaway Party" on the second Monday of each month.  I'm seriously considering participating and will give some thought to what I might choose for my giveaway item.  Click the image at right for more specific information about this monthly event.  And even if you're not interested in the giveaway party, I highly recommend getting to know Cindy through her beautiful blog. 

A Favorite Blog ~ "My Romantic Home"

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