Get me to the church on time!

Get me to the church on time!In my wedding op order, I told everyone to be at the church by 11:32. Someone had told me that people pay more attention to odd times than they do to times like 11:30.

The bride did not follow her own instructions. I didn’t arrive the church until shortly before noon. This was not due to my choice! Bridesmaid Kelly and I were eating breakfast when suddenly everyone else vanished. They even took my car. We had no way to get to the church. And they did not return.

This was not a good thing. I had set this deadline and I should obey it! What kind of example was I setting? Oh my.

I paced up and down the dining room, fretting and complaining all the while. I was not a happy camper. How dare they take my car and strand me here? Had they forgotten me?

Kelly kept trying to calm me down, to soothe my uptight nerves, but I was having none of that.

I wanted to be at the church and I wanted to be there right this minute!

Dad got a rather angry welcome when he finally showed up in my Oldsmobile. Once we arrived the church, all was well. Even though Kelly and I were late, the wedding still started right on time. Whew!


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